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Come check us out! We are located in South Park, San Diego, on the corner of Beech & 30th Street.

The exact address is: 1504 30th Street San Diego, CA 92102 

Phone: (619) 338-8030

Welcome to GFit San Diego
San Diego's #1 Fitness Community & Transformation Studio

Our Mission Statement is to challenge our community & members to pursue at healthy lifestyle through functional training, education and motivation. We work together to achieve ultimate results both physically and mentally.

What are your fitness goals?

Is it to Lose Weight, Improve Stamina, Increase Muscle Tone, Improve Overall Health, or all of them combined?

Whatever fitness goal it may be, let GFit take you there! We have fun, experienced staff at our small South Park studio; group fitness classes range from Barre Fusion to World Dance Cardio and TEAM Training Workouts. Our South Park studio is designed for you to meet your goals and have fun getting fit.

Don’t go at it alone! Come join the rest of us in South Park to Get Fit, Burn Fat, & Have Fun!

Please call us at (619) 338-8030 if you have any questions.

-Oscar Rodriguez and the GFit San Diego Team
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"I've been working out exclusively with GFit & I can confidently say that I am the strongest & healthiest I have ever been in my life. The support I've received is so wonderful. GFit meets you where you are at with no judgement & helps you dig in and focus towards your goals. GFit was with me the entire way. I've even encouraged my husband to join and he loves it. An added bonus that I gained from GFit was the sense of community. Once I started working out at GFit, we began to make new friends and feel the strong sense of community that is here."


"I’ll never forget my first workout at GFit, I was tired after just the warm-up, but I kept coming back. I started consistently coming twice a week, and during my first GFit Challenge, I bumped it up to 3 times per week. I could really feel myself becoming stronger. The next step, was to address the nutrition. I lost weight in the beginning with GFit, but it didn’t fly off like in those “Biggest Loser” shows like I hoped it would. One of the things that stuck out for me was Oscar the head trainer saying, “You can’t out train a bad diet.” When I had lost weight the first time eating less calories but I was still eating a ton of processed foods and 100-calories snack packs. Not good. Oscar’s helped me to address my food choices & improve my lifestyle with my family, and that’s when I really started to see a difference. I lost over 25 pounds and have gone beyond what was once my lowest weight and I feel stronger than I could have ever imagined!"


"Gfit is one of the few places (gyms) I have felt comfortable working out at! Oscar and the staff are so attentive and make you feel important. Oscar makes you feel like he really cares and that's because he truly does. I really admire his work and the attention to detail with all of the members. In addition everyone that goes there is extremely encouraging and friendly. I am literally obsessed with Gfit and I am happy to be a part of the GFit Family! Thank you Oscar for everything you do, you have made South Park even more enjoyable :)"


"My blood sugar levels are perfect! By following a healthy eating plan (many of the meals we make are from the challenge recipes), working out consistently, and monitoring my health, I am as healthy as I choose to be. My sugar levels are so controlled that I don't have to inject insulin. Those days are the best and what I always strive for."
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