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F.I.T. (Functional Interval Training) is a group training session that includes a variety of several different exercise programs. These sessions are carefully designed to burn calories, build lean body mass, burn fat, boost your metabolism, & most important get RESULTS!

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World Dance Cardio and Strength

Come to this class for a dynamic workout bringing together world dance, TRX and weight training. Workouts will include a 15 minute set with TRX and weights, 30 minute Cardio using world dance (hip hop, salsa, Bollywood and West African) steps. Finally, we cool down with foam rolling/yoga.

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Kettle bell Training

High intensive KB training w/ Oscar. Class will incorporate a variety of KB movements to include Cleans, Snatch, Swings, Windmills, Side Press, etc.. Are you ready for the next level?

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What Our Clients Are Saying

This gym is amazing! The workouts are challenging and always different. You never really know what you going to do until you get there which is great because if I knew burpees were on the list, I would probably find an excuse to miss that class. More importantly, Oscar and his team really care about you both in the gym and outside the gym. Being a new mom with a busy work schedule, the Gfit team really offered a lot of support to help me get back in the gym and back into shape.

Michelle F.
Gym like no other! I admit like most I am up and down with my commitment to fitness but GFit is inspiring and the staff supports you no matter what. There is always a variety of different classes to attend and weekly challenges that push your body, mind and spirit. I have taken classes with most of the trainers and each one is unique, enthusiastic and more importantly knowledgeable. They encourage you to go at your own speed as every day you feel different but also are by your side to push you to excel past what you could imagine. Oscar runs the joint and he really cares about the community and the success of the clients. He encourages community outside of the gym through run clubs, paddleboard races and charitable events. Truly a unique place to call a fitness home! Thanks GFit!
Devon R.
awesome gym, definitely worth trying out. No two workouts are ever the same, even if you go twice in the same day (which I have).
Sara B.
Gfit is the first gym I ever felt comfortable in. I was a member for 3 months while living in San Diego. I recently moved to Phoenix and have struggled to find a similar gym with small classes and hands on trainers. If you are in San Diego and looking for a great, welcoming gym try gfit. I never thought I’d miss a gym so much!
Courtney B.
Such a cool gym! Completely different than any other gym you’ll go to. Classes are small and you get GREAT one on one attention. To be honest, I don’t think I have ever gotten better results at any other gym . You’re in a class but you have an instructor to critique your moments and make sure your form is correct. Go check them out!!!!!!
Casey P.
Gfit has transformed me. I started with one of their challenges. They give you a meal plan, you have weekly weigh-ins, and they even call you to check in on your progress. After six weeks of the challenge and working out with them at least three days a week I lost 10 lbs and 5 inches off of my waist. Their work outs are never boring because you will never take a class that is exactly the same as your last. I am not a gym rat so I was always reluctant to join a gym. This is not your typical gym! All levels are welcome and the owner Oscar is so conscientious with assisting new comers during work outs his care for your success shows! Now I keep losing weight even though I am not on a challenge due to the habits I learned and their awesome work outs!
Carmen D.