Personal training

If group training isn't for you, and you are looking for more individualized training, we offer 1-1 personal training and small group training!

Our trainers have the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to design safe and effective fitness programs. Our trainers are passionate, purposeful and caring coaches who want to help you reach your wellness goals. 

They have and maintain a working knowledge of human anatomy and the concepts of functional exercise, basic nutrition and fundamental principles of exercise science. They also have an ability to design and execute individual and small group fitness programs, tailored to the needs and attainable goals of the individual. 


Our trainers have a desire to help clients reach their goals through cardiovascular, flexibility, mobility and resistance exercises.


Lastly, we are dedicated to the clients’ self-improvement, self-awareness, continuous learning, personal growth and development to personal fitness. 


5 pack- $385
10 pack- $720
20 pack- $1250

If you are gearing up for an event, a wedding or vacation and just want to train with your friends or family, we offer small group training as well. Let GFIT and our staff help you get healthier and more fit! 


Group of 2:

5 pack- $370

10 pack- $705

20 pack- $1235

Group of 3:

5 pack- $365

10 pack- $700

20 pack- $1230

Group of 4:

5 pack- $360

10 pack- $695

20 pack- $1225