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Trainer Spotlight: Brendon Raftery

Meet Brendon. He has been part of the GFIT family since the beginning of 2019. I sat down with Brendon to get to know him a bit more and also to talk to him about what he brings to the gym and his clients. Brendon will be leading our first Men's Challenge, The Warrior Way: Train Mean, Eat Clean, Get Lean in January 2020. Keep your eyes peeled for more details coming soon!

L: Tell me a bit about your fitness history and how did you get started?

B: I’ve been involved in sports all throughout my life since the age of 5, from Martial Arts, to Basketball, Baseball, and Wrestling. I started lifting in High School and fell in love with it. I became fascinated with discovering all the different ways to strengthen and move the human body. My passion for fitness is still just as strong today. 

L: Where are you from and what brought you to San Diego?

B: I am from Boise, Idaho. Lived there for 19 years and moved to San Diego in 2016. I was dating a girl in Boise who would bring me with her to SD when she came to visit her family here, and I just fell in love with everything that San Diego is, and decided I needed to be here. 

L: What brought you to GFIT?

B: Zoarel Fuentes, a former Trainer at GFIT, recommended me when she heard you guys were looking for a coach, and I’m very grateful for that.

L: How would you describe your classes and what makes you stand out?

B: I would describe my classes as challenging, and high energy, with a focus on aerobic exercise and strength building. 

I do my best to make it fun and enjoyable for the participants. I always enjoy motivating and encouraging people to do that last rep, or just to keep going when they think they can’t. I like to bring out their inner badass and let them see their own capability to keep pushing through even when dead tired and being told by their mind to quit.

L: What is the most important thing you want your clients to take with them from your classes?

B: I want all my clients to leave feeling like they got 1% better than when they walked in that day. Whether that means 1% fitter, faster, physically stronger, mentally stronger, bigger or smaller. This is why I encourage everyone to push his or her limits, and get better. Don’t just show up and go through the motions. 

L: What else are you passionate about?

B: I love fighting. Whether it’s Muay Thai, MMA or Boxing, I absolutely love competing in combat sports. Aside from that I enjoying going to concerts, playing guitar, and hanging with my pals. 

L: A fun fact about Brendon is.....

B: When I buy a pint of ice cream, I always finish it in one sitting. Always. 

Brendon teaches F.I.T. (Functional Interval Training) classes and Strength & Conditioning classes at GFIT. Check our schedule and book your class with him today! Follow him on Instagram @sdsouthpaw

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