Meet our team of health and wellness coaches



Jules completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2011, and has been teaching yoga, as well as group fitness classes, ever since. She has been part of the GFIT coaching team since 2013, and is so proud to be part of such a great community!  

An avid fan of all-things-workout, Jules is passionate about finding a balance between her love of food, wine, fitness, and travel! In addition to teaching and practicing yoga, you can find Jules at a GFIT class now and again (but never in a 6am or 7am class, mornings aren’t her thing!), a class at Title Boxing, on a reformer in the Pilates studio, pounding the pavement around South Park on a leisurely jog, or swimming in the ocean.

Jules enjoys teaching everyBODY. She will always find a way to make a yoga practice, a circuit class, or a TRX session accessible and fun, no matter what level her students are. She continuously looks for opportunities and inspiration to improve her teaching, and to share tools, tips and tricks with her students.  She enjoys sharing her love of movement through creative sequencing/planning, fun music, and reminding students and clients to have a sense of humor and enjoy themselves!

Outside the studio and gym, Jules working for a consulting company coaching aspiring MBA candidates through the process of applying to business school. She also owns her own yoga accessory business, The Block Sock ™. In her “spare” time, Jules enjoys hiking, surfing, boogie boarding, traveling, and, most importantly, sharing these experiences with her husband, Rob, and her dogter, Cuca. 




Elizabeth has been hooked on group fitness ever since taking jazzercise classes with her mom as a girl. She holds certifications in yoga, Pilates, barre, spinning, Zumba and strength training. She put herself through college and grad school teaching exercise classes. 
She received her doctorate degree in physical therapy from SDSU in 2016 and currently works as a pelvic floor specialist at Kaiser. She enjoys bringing her love of anatomy and kinesiology into her fitness classes, and emphasizes injury prevention, deep core stability and joint mobility for a safe, effective and kick a$$ workout. 

In her free time, Elizabeth loves reading, writing, trying new recipes, eating everything, and traveling the world.



Originally from Boise, Idaho, Brendon moved to San Diego in 2016 in search of new opportunities and a new place to call home. Brendon is a lifelong athlete who started his fitness journey at age 5 by taking up Martial Arts and practicing many disciplines over the years. He is now a Professional Fighter who actively competes all around the country. Brendon has a great passion for all things Health, Fitness, and Wellness. He channeled this passion into helping others when he began teaching Martial Arts and Strength & Conditioning classes in 2016.

When working with Brendon, you’ll find that he encourages you to push yourself and challenges you to overcome any and all obstacles in your way, with the goal being to leave the gym 1% better than when you walked in. Functional strength building, increased endurance, improved movement and injury prevention are the core focus of his workouts, as he aims to make you a fitter, faster, stronger human being, better equipped to take on the daily tasks of life or sport.




A dancer for over 20 years, an elementary teacher for 10, and now acting as a Principal in a high performing STEAM & Project based Learning Charter School, she sees physical movement and creativity as essential elements to maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit!  She seeks to teach dance from a universal concept of rhythm rooted in dance traditions from India, Africa and Latin America.



 As a former competitive Olympic weightlifter and CrossFit coach, Chase has experience in a variety of training methodologies. He is also certified in Adaptive training. When he’s not in the gym, you can find him surfing, cooking, or playing with his beagle Monsieur.


Operations Manager & Nature-Connected Coach

Lauren grew up surrounded by strong women. She spent several summers of her youth at an all-girls camp in Maine, where she learned self-reliance, perseverance, strength and a strong sense of self.  As a woman, she finds it incredibly important to support other women in becoming the best version of themselves. Lauren graduated with a degree in Outdoor Leadership and Education, and worked for several years as a wilderness guide, specifically with girl’s aged 13-18.  Over the years, Lauren realized how important it was for young women to have strong female role models and to love themselves in order to grow up to be strong independent women. She has always seen the outdoors as a place of freedom, serenity and great challenge. Lauren uses nature as a tool to reconnect with her clients, in an environment bigger than themselves.  She explores deeply with her clients to identify what has been holding them back from making meaningful changes in their lives, and inspires them to discover for themselves what is needed to become that change. Lauren offers private coaching, workshops and group accountability coaching. She also collaborates with other teachers, coaches and professionals in the Health and Wellness field, to offer a one-of-a-kind holistic approach, which sets up her clients to take on the world as strong, successful women.



Owner & Trainer

Born and raised in NH, lived 13 years in Boston and then ventured out to live the California dream in sunny San Diego, in January 2015. Kristen has dedicated the past 15 years of her life to Health and Wellness. She was always an athlete and was involved in sports her whole life. She played basketball and field hockey from the 5th grade until she graduated Simmons College in 2006. 

While living in Boston, she obtained her Massage Therapy license, 600 hour personal training program and two 200 hour yoga trainings. Kristen is the lead trainer and owner of GFIT.  When you take her class, you will notice how her cuing is anatomically sound, she always help supports clients with good form, to cater to their body and is super motivating because she believes that anyone can MOVE their body if they are taught well. Kristen's style of training is super dynamic. She will challenge you every time you come in to workout and uses every single minute of class to make sure you leaving sweaty and tired. She loves Kettlebells, TRX training, dynamic bodyweight exercises and burpees! Her intensity in her workouts and motivating music will have you coming back for more! 




Angelina Keselburg is a plant lover through and through.  She is an Herbalist who is inspired by weeds and wildflowers.  She is a natural connector and loves introducing people to plant spirits.  Most days, you can find her in her jungle inspired home, whipping up teas and tinctures for her herbal clients and watering her many, many plants.

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